EAES23 Summary Report

This report summarizes the 2-day landmark event brought that together 2000+ delegates, and 100+ speakers from 30+ nationalities who laid a peculiar emphasis on facilitating linkages between training and industry to catalyze economic growth of the EAC region and the African continent. 

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We are confident to use lessons from the inaugural summit to deliver a great event in 2024. With the support of the right partners, the Corporate Career Academy (CCA) and collaborators will convene and develop the best stakeholder-led and solution-driven EAES24 with the shared vision of solving Africa’s youth unemployment and skills gaps.

The overarching mission of the East African Employability summit and Uongozi Career awards 2023 is to assess the gains made by stakeholders in the community’s higher education sector and out of school ecosystem to close the employability skills gap established a decade ago. This is in a view to deepen the transformation of the sector to facilitate the transition from academia to industry.


East African Employability Summit 2024

At EAES24, our mission is clear: to bridge the gap between education and employment in East Africa. Following the success of EAES23, we continue our journey towards empowering the youth with on-demand industry skills, thereby combating the growing issue of youth unemployment and fostering regional economic growth.

Youth Employability

We assess the impact of mental health on students' career paths, quality of graduates, and their transition to the industry.

Ethics and Integrity

We prioritize the importance of ethics, values, and integrity in grooming the next generation of leaders in both the public and private sectors.

Peer Support

Discover the invaluable role of peer-to-peer student support in nurturing talent and fostering a supportive learning environment.

Innovation and Incubation

Recognize the growing demand for on-campus Innovation and Incubation Hubs in preparing students for the workforce and nurturing entrepreneurship.

The overarching mission of the East African Employability Summit 2024
(EAES24) is to build on the outcomes of the EAES23. 



Africa is under unprecedented pressure to create jobs for her young population characterized by a median age of 19.7 years. The crisis of the youth bulge has seen the continent’s skilled workforce miss out on the competitive job market. On average 60% of the continent’s youth are out of work-a phenomenon expected to worsen by 2050 when the continent’s youth population is projected to hit the billion.

career paths

Our Impact

Through our summit, we aim to address pressing issues such as the youth bulge, mismatch between skills and opportunities, and the impact of mental health on career paths. By fostering conversations, recognizing excellence, and advocating for change, we strive to create meaningful opportunities for the youth of East Africa.

  • Our Vision

    We envision a future where every young individual in East Africa is equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in the dynamic job market, driving innovation, and prosperity across the region.

  • Theme

    Closing the Gap; A Decade of Investing in Youth Employability Skills in East Africa

  • Sub-Theme

    Fostering Inclusive Opportunities: Bridging Employability Disparities through Innovation and Entrepreneurship in TVETS & Higher Education Institutions and Out of School Emloyment Initiatives

  • Objective

    Reflecting on the 10 years of the Employability Skills Challenge and transmitting best practices to accelerate on - demand skills transfer to East Africa’s Youth for Sustainable Development.

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The Organizers retain the right to store personal information provided by Participants exclusively for private contact, marketing, or research purposes.

Target Audience

The summit is designed for a diverse audience involved in the higher education sector, government, and non-government partners facilitating access to quality education and the end users including recruiters, employers, and industry leaders. The converging interest is solving Africa’s Youth unemployment time bomb with a peculiar gross emphasis on facilitating industrialization and economic growth of the continent.

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